Private one on one $800 2Hours

One girl show female stripper Alicia

I always say what’s the best thing to spend money on! Well I say are memories!!! And I provide the best memories! 😛 Our one on one will be 2 hours at least! With a professional that will make sure you are completely satisfied! I’m extremely talented and have all the skills 😛 our one on one will be recorded! Obviously it will not show your face. You will be wearing a mask! I record for my premium! After I finished editing the video you will receive a free copy! If you do not wish to be recorded then my one on one will be $1,000.

Stripper show one on one 2Hours $700

Very similar to my regular stripper show. I do all the different lap dances, all party games a toy show and a finally. If you want extra then it cost more money. Can be negotiated before or at the show.

Stripper show 5+ people 2Hours $600

Stripper show 5+ people

The one girl shows is popular for small to medium parties. I have one of the greatest routines in the business! I can entertain a group of friends with stripping, lap dances, many crazy and wild stripper party games and more. My shows can last anywhere between 2-3 hours. That allows plenty of time for me to lavish their attention on the guest of honor and all participating party guests. Shows lengths are depending on crowd politeness, participation and tipping.

Event 2 guys each pay $400 2Hours

This is for guys with balls and $350. Pretty XXX rated. For details you have to join my premium. I have content of these kind of events. I also have full videos of these events that cost $25 each. If you want to buy one send $25 to my Google pay 

Stripper Event 2-3 Hours $100


My once a month events. $100 for door fee. I will perform a entire show! Once in the event 90% is free! Including all lap dances, party games, a toy show/ sex machine show! A finale! If you bring one’s to throw that would be appreciated but not necessary. At the end of the show I will do privates for a fee.

Orgy/Swinger/Gangbang Event 3 Hour minimum $400

If this is available it will be 1 of the 3. I always perform a stripper show first to get the crowd in the perfect mood! Once you pay the door fee everything is is free! Well until the alcohol runs out! It’s recommended to bring extra drinks, a towel, condoms.

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