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What I Offer!

I’m One Of The Best!
I’m very open minded. If your not please don’t bother. I’m down for a gf, bf or even a couple!
I love video games, movies & sex! I’m a nerd & a lil clumsy lol
I meet members 4 my content! I throw events! Gangbangs, Orgies, Stripper Shows 1on1 video chats and more! Join my IFans for proof!
Half the year I’m in Vegas or Northern California!
Whenever you’re fed up & stressed  about life, just remember that you’ll be dead & forgotten soon &  there’s no afterlife. Hope that helps 😅

Why my premium is 1 of the best!

I offer so much more!
1. Discounts on everything I offer when  your a premium member. A. On stripper private shows. B. 1 on 1’s. C. My  events! Once a month I throw Stripper Events! Pay a door fee for free  food, free alcohol with 2-5 strippers! 5 hours long!
Whats on my premium!
2. Me playing with myself with my hands, sex toys like dildos, vibrators a fucking sex machine! Also sometimes in public places!
3. Me with girls from tinder! Or strippers and sometimes other premium girls.
4. Me with premium members! Yes premium members!
5. I offer amateur porn shoots!
6. Once a month events Strippers Shows, Orgies, Swinger events, Gangbangs.
(Must pay a fee) I have a list of offers  all with different prices depending what you want to spend! From guy  & me. Guy, guy & me. Guy, Me & another girl. 2 guys 2 girls!  And even car dates! Hand job, b.j or half & half.
All are Amateur porn shoots so it must be  recorded for content for my premium! (everyone wears mask)  I do offer  no recording but you must pay double for no recording.
Honestly what other premiums are better than mines!
Alicia female stripper red hiar
Female stripper Alicia doggy style

Surprise me with a gift for a surprise back!

Check out my amazon wishlist! I have special offers! Read the descriptions and see what you can get! Just follow the link below.
How to buy!
Pretty simple.
1. Follow my link
2. Pick an item(read description for my offers)
3. On shipping you will see my name Alicia Kristina
4. Screenshot the item and send me the pic
5. Once the item arrives then claim your reward 😘

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